Saturday, January 24, 2009

I am new to the blog world so I wanted my page to be a representation of me...things I like. So tonight I found a great background that I really like (at least for now).....but I decided to leave a picture that I took of a rusty window in NC as the header (again, at least for now). It made me laugh when I saw the blog with the two together. It is so me and almost hysterical. The two would seemingly not belong together at all, however, that is me...eclectic to my core.

I read another bloggers post a couple days ago about apologizing. Apologizing for being herself. As I read it I realized that I can really relate to that, having spent most of my life apologizing for anything and everything. I want to be done with that too. My best friend has been a constant source of encouragement in this area for years. This year I want to understand better who God made me to be...ME. This electic girl who longs for love and desires to be a blessing, who listens to David Crowder Band, Heavy D, Andrea Bocelli, Frankie Avalon and Tracy Lawrence, who loves graffiti, artists colonies, and fine art museums, who wants to try almost everything but is such a perfectionist she won't, who loves to travel and explore yet would love to have her family and closest friends by her side the whole time, who loves damask and adores rust. This is the girl I want to get to know and appreciate how God sees her. God says He had a plan when He created each of us and He put me together this way. I hope to learn to appreciate it more and to see how He wants to use my uniqueness for His glory.

So tonight I begin by saying "Thank You God, thank You for making me who I am. I ask that You would continue to enable me to walk by faith even in the things that I currently do not understand or like about myself or the world. That I would trust Your heart and trust You to use these things, and allow You to willingly, for Your purposes and glory. Thank You for loving me."

It's a start....

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  1. Hi Julie,

    Thank you for the encouraging comment you left on our blog post about moving to Senegal. We really do appreciate your prayers as we wait and figure this all out.

    It's nice to 'meet' you, by the way!